Custom Masonry – Patios Stoops & Walkways

There are a multitude of options for patios, walkways, and stoops. These include shape, size, material, color, texture, and more. Green Island Design can build patios at grade or raised patios that allow you to walk directly outside from any elevation. Walkways can restrict traffic to specific areas or suddenly persuade guests to visit other aspects of the property. The size of your stoop is very important for safety reasons when exiting your home, as well as the orientation of your patio to maximize the sun or provide shade when desired. Your lifestyle and specific tastes will determinemany of these decisions.

Some of the many materials to consider:

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers have come a long way since they were first introduced. Some of the benefits of using concrete pavers are design flexibility, variety of shapes and colors, strength, durability, easy repair and maintenance, snow-friendly and weather-resistant, as well as safe and cost efficient. Paver companies have expanded their lines to include retaining walls, coping, and cap stones to complement their ever-evolving line of paver products. Installation techniques vary depending on the type of paver and manufacturer.

Natural Stone

Bluestone, Travertine, and Limestone are just some of the versatile natural stone options available. They can be a great choice for the outdoors due to their durability and hard-wearing qualities. These natural stones are available in many dazzling colors and textures, as well as irregular sizes and shapes. Some of these natural materials work better in certain applications then others. Installation techniques vary depending on the material, as well as maintenance factors.

It is very important when deciding on your material choices to consult with our expert landscape designers, as they will explain the benefits and nuances of these durable products for patios, stoops, and walkways.


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