Bayville Gunite Pool Construction

Bayville Gunite Pool Construction


At Green Island Design, we help make the pool construction process as quick and seamless as possible so that your backyard is a construction zone for as little time as possible and you can begin enjoying your new pool as soon as possible. With Green Island Design, every step and design will be planned out in the most efficient way possible for the construction and installation of your new pool.

The pool construction process consists of about four steps. The first step is to work with Green Island Design to choose the best location for your new pool as well as decide on the shape and materials to be used. To choose the best location for your pool, there are a few aspects that should be taken into consideration: the amount of space you have to work with, if you have any sloping grounds in your yard to avoid, and the overall aesthetic and personal preference of the pool location. Other facets to consider include which direction to orient the pool so that it maximizes the sun and if your desired location will meet all local and town codes.

The next step is choosing the materials used for the construction of the pool. Here at Green Island Design, we specialize in the design of gunite pools. Gunite pools are constructed using a framework grid with steel reinforcing rods (rebar). Once this rebar is installed, all of the rods are secured together using wire and then a heavy coating of gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, is sprayed around the rebar. Gunite pools are a great choice because of their durability and ability to be completely personalized. Once these decisions are made, the pool construction process can begin bringing you one step closer to a lifetime of relaxation in your new pool.

In addition to our signature custom Gunite Pools, Green Island Design also has the expertise and flexibility to design and install all types of steel wall, or vinyl pools and spas. These types of pools have many similar features as Gunite pools and sometimes work best in certain situations. Our knowledgeable landscape designers will help you decide which type of pool is best when discussing what is needed for your family and lifestyle.

In addition to the construction and design of your new pool, Green Island Design can assist with other design aspects for your new gunite pool including:

  • Infinity or negative edges
  • Custom benches or pool entries
  • Custom spas
  • LED lighting
  • Slides and other custom water features
  • Heating, filtration, etc. systems for your gunite pool
  • And more.

With Green Island Design, you can be assured that your pool design and construction is in good hands. Our highly trained design staff will work with you to provide creativity and quality using their knowledge of all aspects of a pool design and construction project. We ensure a seamless transition from the designing of your gunite pool to the construction of your pool and once your new gunite pool is complete, you’ll have a timeless and quality oasis to enjoy for a lifetime.

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“I had multiple contractors come in for consultations for my project. We chose Green Island Design because of their originality. They presented me with ideas I had never thought about before that were not only pleasing to the eye but served multiple functions as well. I have not found many companies like this in the marketplace. I am so happy I chose Green Island.” F. Cummings, Dix Hills NY

“Green Island developed a design plan that complemented our home and blended with our neighborhood seamlessly. From the design stage to the installation stage, everything was handled professionally and exceeded our expectations.” D. Sarath, Jericho NY

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