Unique Water Features – Natural Waterfalls & Streams

Natural waterfalls and streams are one of the most popular features in the landscape today, yet they are constantly built the wrong way. Simply put, natural water features need to look, well… natural. If not properly constructed, they look like a pile of rocks with water trickling out.

Our landscape designers look at each unique property and determine if and where a natural water feature can be introduced. Our methods of hiding the source of the water and strategically including plantings, make our features feel as if they have been part of the natural landscape for years.

Our natural waterfalls and streams are built out of a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes all based upon the specific element being introduced into the landscape design. Strategically placed Landscape Lighting enhances a waterfall and extends the dramatic effect into the evening hours.

The sound of trickling water or the rush of a waterfall adds an entirely new dimension into the landscape design. We take great pride in building water features and have been producing these beautiful works of art for many years.


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