Construction & Installation

Once the initial design concept is finalized, budgeted, and perfected, it is time for the Green Island Design crews to break ground and get to work. These skilled craftsman work directly with the plans and concepts created by our own landscape designer who is directly involved in the build process on a daily basis. We build all projects “in house”, from pool construction to all aspects of masonry construction to the finishing touches, such as planting and landscape lighting. Only skilled technicians perform the proper procedures to ensure quality and durability on all projects. We use time-tested construction applications without cutting any corners. Our work is guaranteed and our quality is unsurpassed.

construction-installation-pageAlthough hugely important, installing the material is just one aspect of the build process. Overseeing the entire process of building these projects are the Crew Leaders, Foremen and Project Managers. Successful projects must be professionally coordinated regardless of how skilled the craftsman may be. Every phase of your project must be planned from the moment we break ground. Each element is interrelated, and construction must move forward with preparations in place to be ready for each additional phase. Hiring multiple contractors for each phase may initially seem cost effective, but when looking at the overall scope of the project, the management becomes the key factor. These people must be the ones thinking ahead and preparing the various tradesmen on the timing of their portion of the project, the delivery of the necessary materials, and the communication of everyone involved. Without a project manager, the client will be the one responsible, or it will simply just not happen. By building and managing with our own employees, we eliminate the job site confusion and allow our clients to feel secure and confident throughout the build portion of their project.

In addition to our design-build services, we also offer our clients selective maintenance packages on our installations. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a beautiful job deteriorate over time due to a lack of upkeep or improper care. We take that responsibility out of your hands and care for our own projects in a way other companies cannot.

Browsing our extensive portfolio allows you to see the level of construction Green Island Design has achieved by implementing these initiatives throughout all of our landscape design projects.

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