The Best in Principled Design

Our first challenge with this project was the clients’ wish to have the swimming pool as close to the house as possible. Because of that proximity, we wanted to delineate the pool space, as we didn’t want it to feel that when folks walked out of the back entrance, they were almost in the pool! To designate yet unify the space, we created an interesting, low-profile retaining wall for seating, that also features elegant sheer descent waterfalls¬†cascading into the pool.

The inviting fireplace is the focal point of the dining area, where the bar/counter was situated on one side to balance the outdoor kitchen on the other, which opened up the bluestone patio for more entertaining space. We even managed to tuck a luxurious, heated spa in the corner for a quick dip — pass the mojitos!

Symmetry was the goal in the lounging area, as the large pavilion is flanked by smaller, Miami-style cabanas. Adding the fire trough was a dynamic touch.

Our clients were very pleased we chose to lower the grade to accomodate an expansive recreation area with a sports court and plenty of room for fun and games.

“Changing Property… Into Paradise”

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