Pools & Spas – Hot Tubs & Spas

Hot tubs and spas are a great addition to any backyard and provide enjoyment throughout all seasons of the year. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, as well as many pitfalls to watch out for. Hot tubs and spas can be stand alone units or can be incorporated into your custom pool.

Green Island Design’s signature Gunite Hot Tubs and Spas can be designed and built to any shape or size. Popular features used in Gunite Hot Tubs and Spas include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Custom benches and seating
  • Custom jet location
  • Glass Tile
  • Spill over or sheer descent water features
  • And much more…

Additional types of hot tubs and spas include fiberglass and vinyl, as well as the increasingly popular swim spas. These types of spas have a predetermined shape, color and material and also offer optional features such as lighting, spill over and sheer descent features, and much more.

The location of the hot tub or spa will be determined by your lifestyle and how you plan to use it. If you plan on using the hot tub or spa during the winter months, we try to locate it in close proximity to the house as it will be beneficial when entering and exiting. If the hot tub or spa will be incorporated into the pool, we use a technique to ensure that the hot water is not lost while spilling out into the pool.

The professional hot tub and spa designers and builders at Green Island Design will discuss these options and more so you can enjoy the comfort of your hot tub or spa with your friends and family for years to come.


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