Custom Carpentry – Pergolas

Pergolas are one of the most popular features being included in a landscape today. They provide shade while creating a beautiful architectural element to any landscape. Clients can pick and choose between the many options and customize these features to their liking. Pergolas can be free-standing structures, or can be attached to homes, cabanas, and more.

Our landscape designers will discuss when and where to use pergolas, as well as the types of material available for your project.

Natural Woods

The beautiful natural look and relative low cost make natural wood an attractive option. There is some weathering and maintenance involved, but many prefer the original style and look when building a pergola. Options include cedar, teak, and mahogany.


Vinyl products have a very clean, uniform appearance making them the opposite of natural wood. They are also very low maintenance and have a long life span. These types of pergolas can be bought in kits and installed on site.


A composite is a material, in which two or more distinct substances are combined to produce a product with structural or functional properties not present in any individual component. These products are very durable, require very little maintenance, and look very natural. Common brand name composite materials used in pergolas are Azek, TimberTech, and Trex.


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